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You Can’t Do What? Crazy California Laws

January 5, 2015

Laws are designed to protect the general public from danger. However, lawmakers tend to get a bit carried away when drafting certain laws. California, like most other states, still has a few archaic and downright ridiculous laws on the books. Here’s a brief look at some of California’s silliest laws.

Frisbees on the Beach

The beach is a popular place for recreation in California. Some of the most-visited beaches in the state can be found in Los Angeles County. Oddly enough, there used to be a Los Angeles County law that seriously compromised beachside fun. Up until 2012, it was illegal for beachgoers to throw a Frisbee on the beach without the permission of a lifeguard. Though no tickets were issued in the 40 years prior to the law change, local lawmakers ultimately determined that the law was too silly to exist.

Public Animal Mating

Generally speaking, animals will do whatever they want. If their owners aren’t looking, animals will eat where they want, go to the bathroom wherever they want, and even mate wherever they want. Under California law, however, animals are supposedly not allowed to do what comes naturally within 1500 feet of a school, tavern, or place of worship. This law certainly gives new meaning to the term “californication.”

Shooting Game from a Moving Vehicle

Since California has a lot of wild territory, it’s a very popular state among hunters. However, hunting is highly regulated in the state. For example, it’s illegal to shoot wild game from a moving vehicle. There is one notable exception, however—whale hunting. While this may seem ludicrous, it makes some sense when you stop to think about it. Have you ever tried hunting a whale from a completely stationary boat?

While it’s fun to laugh at other states’ goofy laws, Arizona has plenty of outdated laws of its own. Whether you’re charged with an utterly ridiculous law or a legitimate one, Tucson criminal defense attorney Janet Altschuler can argue on your behalf.

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