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Can You Get Arrested for a DUI on a Motorized Scooter?

December 13, 2019

Motorized scooters are becoming increasingly popular all across the country. As these small vehicles have become more widespread, however, questions about how to use them safely and legally have also multiplied. For example, can you be arrested on a DUI charge for operating a motorized scooter? Here’s what you need to know about this important topic. 

What is a motorized scooter?

A motorized scooter, or electric scooter, is a vehicle with two wheels or three wheels that is powered by an electric motor. Motorized scooters cannot go nearly as fast as other types of vehicles; most models will not go faster than 25 mph. In many cases, you do not need a driver’s license to operate one. They should be used in the bike or travel lane, rather than on sidewalks. 

Is a motorized scooter a motor vehicle? 

This year, the Arizona Senate passed a bill legally defining two types of scooters: electric miniature scooters and electric standup scooters. Individuals operating these scooters are granted the same rights and responsibilities as cyclists. However, motorized scooters are still not legally considered motor vehicles in Arizona. 

Is it illegal to operate a motorized scooter under the influence? 

While motorized scooters are not legally considered to be motor vehicles in Arizona and other parts of the country, DUI charges have still been brought against individuals who use them. Earlier this year, Tempe police recommended filing DUI charges against a man accused of using a motorized scooter while under the influence of alcohol. Arizona’s DUI laws are harsh, so if you have been charged with operating a motorized scooter while intoxicated, it’s important to seek legal counsel right away. 

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