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What Can Put You in the Slammer in Alabama

September 30, 2016

Originally called the Alabama Territory, Alabama became a state on December 14, 1819. Since this momentous day, there have been several important and beneficial laws passed in the Heart of Dixie; however, Alabama has also passed some ridiculous laws that nonetheless still remain in place today.

Bear wrestling matches are prohibited.

Alabama has passed legislation ensuring that bears are not exploited in the Yellowhammer State. According to this law, an individual is guilty of unlawful bear exploitation—considered a Class B felony—if they promote, engage in, or are employed at a bear wrestling match. This law also makes it illegal to sell, purchase, possess, or train a bear for wrestling purposes. While this law sounds ridiculous, bear wrestling was once a pastime in the state, and the law is in truth meant to protect these animals from cruel treatment.

It is illegal to maim oneself to escape duty.

Alabama takes not only its animals’ rights seriously, but its residents’ work ethic as well. This law makes it illegal to maim or harm oneself for the purpose of either escaping legal duty or to obtain money or other charitable relief. One can only imagine the lengths at least one person must have once gone to for the purpose of shirking their duty in order to have this law drafted and passed.

Dominoes may not be played on Sunday.

Days of rest are also important under Alabama law. Certain acts are prohibited by state law to be performed in Sunday, including games of dominoes. If you are caught enjoying this simple game, you could be fined between $10 and $100 dollars for violating state code.

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