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You’ve Been Arrested for A DUI in Arizona, What’s Next?

June 23, 2023

Being arrested for DUI, or driving under the influence, can have serious consequences that affect every aspect of your life. As soon as you’re charged with DUI in Arizona, you should call an experienced criminal defense attorney to fight for your rights. A DUI attorney can give you the best chance of a successful outcome and might be able to settle your case before it goes to trial. Follow these important steps if you’ve been arrested for DUI in Arizona. 

Hire an Experienced, Competent DUI Attorney

Ask friends and family to refer you to an experienced, competent DUI attorney. Look for one who has years of experience handling complex DUI cases, and who has demonstrated success inside and outside of the courtroom. You want an attorney who will do everything in her power to settle your case before it proceeds to trial, but you want her to have courtroom experience in the event your case does go before a judge or jury. A criminal defense lawyer or DUI lawyer can give you the chance to overcome your charges and move on with your life. 

Gather Documentation & Evidence

Your DUI attorney will help you gather documentation and evidence regarding your charges. This might include witness statements, character references, body cam footage, traffic cam footage, accident reports, and medical records. You should also write down your account of everything that happened leading up to, during, and after your arrest for DUI. The more information your attorney has, the easier it will be for her to find something that can help you mitigate or deny the charges of DUI. 

Listen to Your Attorney & Follow Her Advice

Your attorney has years of experience dealing with DUI charges. She knows what the best course of action is and will give you advice that can help your case. Be sure to follow her advice, stay out of trouble, and appear on time at all court dates. If you make any missteps, you might face further charges or harsher penalties. Your attorney will be doing her best to negotiate a dismissal or plea agreement so that your case won’t proceed to trial. Don’t do anything that will make that harder for her, or that will negatively affect your case. 
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