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Analyzing Strangest State Laws

April 7, 2015

In a free society, everything should be legal until legislators deem it to be harmful to public health. That’s the general idea that this country was founded on. If you look closely at law books around the country, however, you might suspect that some laws were ratified as a practical joke. Here are just a few strange state laws that you probably wouldn’t think to violate.

Making Fake Drugs in Arizona

It’s illegal to manufacture your own drugs in all U.S. jurisdictions. However, there generally aren’t any rules about making your own fake drugs. Arizona is different. In this state, it’s illegal to make, distribute, or even possess “imitation controlled substances.”

Bringing Your Pet to a Beauty Salon in Alaska

You’ve probably seen or heard about pet beauty salons in well-to-do areas in Los Angeles. Well, you definitely wouldn’t find any such an establishment in Juneau, Alaska, where it’s illegal to bring your pet to a beauty salon. If you want to give Mr. Tickles a pompadour, you’ll need to cross the border into British Columbia.

Wearing a Bulletproof Vest While Committing Another Crime in New Jersey

If you’re going to commit a crime in New Jersey, you might think it’s a good idea to wear a bulletproof vest. If you do, you better not get caught, or else you’ll be in double trouble. That’s right, the Garden State forbids its citizens from wearing bulletproof vests while committing certain crimes.

Wearing Saggy Pants in Michigan

London. Paris. Milan. New York. Flint, Michigan. These cities are known as global centers of fashion. Oh, except for Flint, where it is illegal to wear saggy pants. To be fair, it would probably be illegal to wear saggy pants in the other cities if fashionistas were allowed to make the rules.

No matter how strange the law can be, being charged with a crime can be scary. If you’ve been charged with DUI, domestic violence, or another crime in Arizona, turn to Tucson criminal defense attorney Janet Altschuler.

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