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A Look at Crazy Laws in Idaho

August 5, 2015

Every state has its quirks, and Idaho is no exception. Over the years, Idaho legislators have passed a number of odd laws that are still on the books today. Here’s a closer look at some strange Idaho laws governing hunting, fishing, and even gifting chocolate to a sweetheart.

Fishing laws

With thousands of square miles of rivers and lakes, it’s no surprise that fishing is a famous Idahoan sport. However, the popularity of the sport has led to several laws ensuring Idaho residents exercise their fishing licenses correctly. For example, residents are not allowed to introduce foreign fish into the state’s waters, or fish with a net, electrical current, or dynamite. For local fishers, it is also illegal to fish off the back of a camel across the state. In Boise, it’s illegal to fish from the back of a giraffe.

Hunting laws

Hunting is another popular Idahoan sport, and like fishing, there are several laws governing hunters’ conduct. In particular, the state has passed a number of laws to ensure the sport is fairer for wildlife. For example, Idahoan hunters cannot hunt with a remote control over the Internet. However, the law does not address hunting with a remote control not over the Internet. It is also illegal to hunt from a helicopter, even if the helicopter isn’t flying.

Miscellaneous laws

Perhaps the most unusual Idaho law, the state makes it illegal for a man to give a woman a box of candy weighing more than fifty pounds. The state also passed two laws governing Election Day ballots. For example, someone who bets on the outcome of an election faces misdemeanor charges. It’s also illegal for someone to sell hard liquor on an election—though it’s unclear how often this law has been enforced.

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